Blog Entries

The Application Procedure for Planning

A handy guide to the planning process to hopefully give you a smoother ride when applying for planning permission.

What Impact do Planning Regulations have on Farmers?

Involved in agriculture? The planning system allows you to do quite a lot without planning permission, or you may need only to notify a proposal.

How a 1:1250 Plan Facilitated a Café Permission

Case study showing how a 1:1250 plan aided in getting planning permission for a Cafe by an architectural design and technical assistant.

MapServe is now available for CAD Maps

We're proud to announce the launch of MapServe™ - a new mapping service for property professionals, architects, surveyors and planners.

What Should I do if I Need to Remove a Tree?

Some trees are protected by law. Is it within my rights to remove a tree or do I need permission from an authority?

How to Begin Planning your House Extension

Find out what you need to know and do in order to start planning for a house extension.

Can I find Ordnance Survey Planning Maps for Free?

Along with other certainties in life like death and taxes etc, planning maps do cost money no matter who you approach.

All you Need to Know about Planning Appeals

Most planning applications are approved. Read 10 tips to help you with your planning appeal if your planning application is rejected.

1:1250 Scale Explained

The scale of a plan refers to the way the plan represents real features. 1:1250 is a common scale for the location of a development site.

What do I need in terms of Planning Maps, Elevations and Sections?

If you want to construct or alter a building you will need various building plans that illustrate in detail the aspects of the construction.