Is It Still Necessary for Me to Deliver Hard Copies of my Planning Maps?

Written by Tom Samuels on

If you live in England, Wales, or Scotland, you can submit planning applications, including plans and drawings, either on paper at your local Planning Department or electronically via the relevant Planning Portal.

If you live in England and Wales, you can start your planning application by going to the UK government’s application page, where you’ll need to register.

If you live in Scotland, the Scottish Government provides a similar service. You can register and log in to the site on this e-Planning Scotland page.

In Northern Ireland, there is so far no facility to submit planning applications electronically. Full instructions on how to make an application are, however, given on the Northern Ireland Planning Portal.

Whether you submit the application on paper or digitally, the plans you include must be of good quality and, if they are Ordnance Survey plans, they must be legitimate copies from a licensed Ordnance Survey supplier, such as us.

Usually hard copy/paper applications experience more delays in processing and the councils generally encourage the submission of electronic applications either using the Planning Portal or by email to the respective council.

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