All about Planning Application Maps

Introducing our service

If you’re about the submit your planning application map as you’re seeking planning permission, take a few minutes to read this guide. The guide is written by a former planning officer with years of experience in this field. It may save you the pain of your plan being rejected costing you time and money. Our service is designed to offer a simple, economical but complete answer to the challenge faced by every applicant, namely the need for proper plans.

As we explain on this page, good, clear planning application maps are essential to any successful application. You can be sure that ours are the most up-to-date available, because we’re licensed distributors for Ordnance Survey mapping. Click the links below for more details:

Why good planning application maps are so important?

When are planning application maps needed?

What kind of plans are needed?

What needs to be included on each plan?

How many copies are needed?

Where do I get further help?