What to include in a planning application

If your application is to be successful, it’s important that the plans include all the details required.

The purpose of the site location plan is to ensure that the planning authority - and anyone else interested in your proposal - knows exactly where the site is. The boundaries of the site, including any land needed for access, must be coloured red. If you own any nearby land, its boundaries must be coloured blue. The plan must have a north point and should be of A4 size.

The block plan must show the exact position of the proposed development within the site boundaries, together with associated new work such as hard surfaces, driveways, walls and fences. The dimensions of the development, and distances to boundaries, need to be included. The block plan must also indicate what already exists on and adjacent to the site, including any buildings, trees, paths, rights of way, any existing access and any utilities that might be affected, such as power lines or sewers. It’s very important that the plan clearly distinguishes new from existing development; sometimes, it may help to prepare two versions of the block plan, one showing the site as it exists and the other illustrating how it’ll appear after the development has taken place.

Again, there should be a north point. If possible, the plan should be at A4 but that may not be achievable for larger developments.

How many copies are needed?

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