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Council approved:

our DWG maps meet all planning office requirements, that’s guaranteed.

Cheapest on the market:

if you find a cheaper map elsewhere we’ll refund the difference.

The best quality mapping:

we use Ordnance Survey maps for our plans, which are the most up to date and detailed available.

Scaled and updated mapping:

our maps are updated every 6 weeks and are designed to be displayed at 1:1250 scale.


How to order a DWG map

Ordering a DWG map takes about 1 minute. Search for your property, register and preview your location. Then pay and download your map. You can then print it out if you need to.

How do you create a DWG map?

First you need to sign up for an account using your email and a password or login using your existing account. Then you need to search for the location that you want using the postcode, eastings/northings or latitude/longitude information of your area. After you have selected your area and previewed it on the website you need to add the correct size in your basket. When the map is in your basket, click under ‘format’. You can select DWG (for CAD) and check out. Your map will be ready to download within seconds.

What does DWG file stand for?

DWG, which stands for "Drawing”. It is a file format used for storing two and three-dimensional design data and metadata. DWG files are CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings composed of vector image data and binary-coded metadata. The majority of CAD software, particularly AutoCAD, uses it as its native format.

How long does my DWG map license last for?

Map data from the Ordnance Survey is not for sale; rather, it is licenced through supplier such as BuyAPlan®. Any digital mapping purchased through BuyAPlan® comes with a one-year license. Please contact us if you require the license to be extended.

When are your DWG maps updated?

Our DWG maps are created using OS MasterMap®. Our mapping is updated every 6 weeks as soon as the new data is released by the Ordnance Survey. You can find the publication dates here.

Which software is compatible with my DWG map?

Our DWG maps are compatible with most major CAD software including AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Freecad, Vectorworks, Solidworks, Revit, 3ds Max, Autodesk Civil3D, CATIA, PRO Landscape, Sketchup and more.

How accurate are your DWG maps?

Our planning maps are created using OS MasterMap®. OS MasterMap® is the most detailed and updated representation of the UK. Roads, tracks, and walkways, land cover, buildings, water features, railways, height information, heritage features and structures, and administrative boundaries are all included. It is updated every six weeks, but the currency of the map is determined by when a survey is conducted and added to the map. You can check when the last update has taken place on the Ordance Survey’s official website.

How much does a DWG map cost?

The cost of a DWG map can vary depending on the format, the supplier and the scale selected. BuyAPlan® offers DWG maps starting at £15.99

*All prices are exclusive of VAT.

How can I open and view a DWG map?

You can use any major CAD software to open and view your DWG map such as AutoCAD, Freecad and much more. You can use Autodesk Free Viewer to open and view your DWG map if you do not have a CAD software license.

What can DWG maps be used for?

DWG maps can be used to create:

  • Site and location maps
  • Architectural drawings
  • Create flood maps
  • Site and shadow analysis
  • Traffic and vehicle access studies
  • Drainage maps
  • Services maps
  • CDM documentation
  • Construction planning maps
  • And much more…

How do I convert a map to DWG?

You can download a map in DWG format directly through BuyAPlan®. When your map is in your basket click under ‘Format’ and select ‘DWG (for CAD)’ to select DWG format before checking out.