What needs to be included on the plan?
Our planning guide runs you through everything that needs to be included.
Do you offer black & white plans?
Yes we offer both black & white and colour plans. If you're applying for planning permission it makes no difference which one you choose however.
Do you plans have a north arrow and scale?
Yes our plans feature a north arrow and scale.
How much do the plans cost?
The price depends on the size. You can see our prices on our pricing page
Can I print it out?
Yes. Our planning application plans come in either PNG or PDF format which can be printed out on any standard printer. As the plan is in colour we recommend you use a colour printer.
How often is your data updated?
Our data is updated every time Ordnance Survey releases new data. This is currently every 6 weeks.
How does the council compliant guarantee work?
If you have made a purchase that is used in a planning application and your application is rejected due to a bad planning map we will refund your planning map purchase. Please contact us if this happens.
How do I order a plan?
Ordering a plan is easy. Firstly enter a full UK postcode on the homepage or in the search box to the side of this page. Next you will be asked to register and after that you will be shown the mapping for the postcode you entered. You can then move the map to cover the exact area you need, change scales to obtain a site and/or block plan and show the boundaries of the site, including any land needed for access using a red line or nearby land using a blue line. Finally you can add the plan to your basket and checkout to complete the purchase.
Can I see the plan before ordering?
Yes, unlike some other suppliers, you will be able to preview the map before ordering to ensure it’s exactly what you want.
Is your site secure?
Yes we use various measures to protect your details. Registration is performed over a secure (HTTPS) connection and payment details are processed by RealEx (for debit/credit cards) or PayPal – two of the World’s leading online payment services.
How do I get a plan just showing the map and nothing else?
If you just need the map without the accompanying information (scale, logos, grid references, etc), then choose the ‘PNG’ format when you reach the preview page using the radio button on the left side. You can see examples on the pricing page.
How long does delivery take?
You will be able to download the plan once your payment has cleared. This normally takes less than 20 seconds.
How does the price guarantee work?
If you order from us and then find an equivalent plan of the same scale and ground coverage using Ordnance Survey mapping for less elsewhere (price must include VAT) from a UK based supplier, we’ll refund the difference. Please use contact us to let us know and refer to the cheaper supplier (including web site address and telephone number). Claims must be made within 3 days of ordering.
I can't create a red or blue line in the area I want to as the automatic lining tool doesn't work for me
No problem, select the ‘Manually draw instead?’ link shown below the buttons on the map viewer, then select the pen colour you need and finally click on the corners of the site you want to outline. Double click to finish drawing.
If the plan or map shows something that is out of date or not accurate, how do I get it changed?
Our maps, in common with almost all plan suppliers, are created and maintained by the Ordnance Survey. Please contact Ordnance Survey to discuss issues with the map accuracy
The planning office want me to show two street names on the plan but I can't fit them in
In some areas it may not be possible to fit on two street names due to the way the Ordnance Survey mapping has been created. This is particularly common in rural areas. Our plans (PDF version only) also show an OS grid reference (an easting and northing) which will help locate the planning office into the exact location thereby negating the need for street names.
Do you offer vector mapping e.g. DXF file (typically used in CAD and GIS systems)?
We offer a mapping service for professionals at www.mapserve.co.uk where vector (including DXF format files) and raster mapping is available.
Where can I obtain an A3 sized or larger planning map?
Larger sizes of planning map are available on www.mapserve.co.uk
I want to pay for the planning maps by invoice?
www.mapserve.co.uk, our sister site, offers the ability to pay by monthly invoice.
Why hasn't the map printed the right size?
When printing make sure your software hasn't scaled the page. To do this go to print preview and make sure the print scale is set to 100%. If you use a 100% scale then the map will be the correct size when printed on A4 paper for planning submission.
What happens if I make mistake?
BuyAPlan.co.uk cannot be held responsible for mistakes in positioning plans. Please make sure they are correct before purchasing. If you make an error we still have to pay Ordnance Survey royalty fees fees for the order so any refunds are subject to a 30% fee to cover this cost. Please contact us with details if you'd like a refund.
Who runs this site?
You can read about the site and the team behind it on the about page.
I can't download my plan, can you help?
You would have been given the option to download your plan(s) straight after ordering. If you didn't do this don't worry, simply use the download link emailed to the email address you used when you paid. Check your spam filter if you can still can't find it. If you use the download link and can't remember your password, there is an option to reset it just under the fields to enter your log in details.
I've downloaded my plan in PDF format but I'm having trouble viewing it, can you help?
This may be due to you not using the correct PDF reader to see your plan. We suggest downloading the free official Adobe Reader from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/
I’ve forgotten my password what do I do?
Go to the password reset page and you’ll be asked to enter your email address. Check your email after a few minutes (and your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive). Once the email arrives, click the link as soon as you get it and do not navigate around the site beforehand. Once you’ve reset your password try and login again. Be careful not add any spaces before or after your password.
I’ve made a mistake on my plan, what do I do?
You will have previewed your plan before ordering to make sure it is correct before purchasing. If you make a mistake we still incur costs for the order so any refunds are subject to a 30% fee to cover this cost. You can then reorder a new plan to correct it as we cannot alter existing orders.