Ordnance Survey Planning Maps - 5 Reasons Why They're the Best

Written by Tom Samuels on

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We're proud that we're an Ordnance Survey® Licenced Partner. So just why are OS planning maps the best on the market?

  1. They feature mapping called MasterMap® which is the most up-to-date mapping available with an update cycle of 6 weeks.
  2. MasterMap® is also the most detailed available with over 400 million geographic features including administrative boundaries, buildings, heritage and antiquities, land, rail, roads, tracks and paths, structures, terrain and height, and water.
  3. They are based on what's called vector data which means the maps can be scaled easily and still display perfectly.
  4. Ordnance Survey Planning Maps are also available digitally which means you can choose to email them, submit them to a planning website online, or print them out.
  5. MasterMap® is also 'layered' which means for the professional, it is possible to select only the geographical features they need.

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Example of a planning map                          Example of a planning map by BuyAPlan®

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