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1:2500, 1:1250, 1:500 & 1:200 OS Maps for all Towns & Cities in the UK

Quickly access our maps of all the cities and towns in the UK by clicking on the name of each city/town. Multiple scales are available.

10 Tips for Getting Planning Permission for a Dropped Kerb in 2021

If you need to create new access for your vehicle and it involves crossing an existing pavement or footway a dropped kerb is needed.

BuyAPlan is now an Authorised Planning Portal Supplier

BuyAPlan has been selected as 1 of 3 Approved Site Location Plan Suppliers (also called planning maps) on the Planning Portal.

What Are the Guidelines for Working Remotely?

Spare bedrooms have become offices; but that may raise the question of whether planning permission is needed. Find out if it is ok to base your business at home.

Black and White Planning Maps Just Launched

Black and white maps have been launched on BuyAPlan in PDF and PNG formats.

Planning Maps in Black and White are now Available on BuyAPlan

All web addresses for every planning authority dealing with day-to-day development management in England, Wales and Scotland.

What is a ‘Block Plan’ and When do I Need it?

Everything you need to know about a block plan - what it is and when you might need it.

How To Order A Planning Map on

Want to order a planning map (sometimes called site plans and block plans)? BuyAPlan makes ordering a planning map really easy.

Why are OS Planning Maps the best for Land Registry Applications?

Any Land Registry application will proceed more quickly if clear plans are provided. Ordnance Survey maps are updated regularly.

What's essential when Purchasing a Planning Map?

Everything you need to know to make sure your planning maps are correct and updated.